Whose Goat? | Canvas, Oil
Whose Goat? | Canvas, Oil Anatoli Gostev

Whose Goat?

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Creation date of the painting: 2017.
Size: 60 x 60 cm
Painting technique: canvas, oil

Painting Theme.

The entire composition should go in a circle in this winter round dance. From pitch darkness, through a warm house, to two old women with a lost goat.

A Painting with a Strange Fate.

The painting was exhibited in the German gallery K Galerie im Maxforum München until the incident when it almost disappeared. By some miracle, the painting returned in 2011. And I started to redo it.

Simplification in Painting.

The composition and color palette of the painting were significantly simplified. At 3:39 minutes into the video, a fragment of the painting from 2021 is visible. It remained in this state.

video The Beauty of Everyday Things

Buy the painting "Whose Goat?"

You can view detailed images, the participation of the painting in exhibitions, and the conditions for purchasing the painting "Whose Goat?" at ART Agency High Investments.

Whose Goat?

Whose Goat? - video

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