Magpie | Canvas, Oil
Magpie | Canvas, Oil Anatoli Gostev


Creation date of the painting: 2002.
Size: 65 x 80 cm
Painting technique: canvas, oil

Theme of the painting.

The theme was a reflection on the sensation of winter in simplified forms. The feeling of frosty winter bathed in sunlight, the warmth of sunbeams penetrating the house, and of course, the curious magpie peering out from behind the patchwork blanket of figurative language.

Assimilating Cubism.

The subject of the painting emerged in 2002 but was painted until 2021. Forms and colors were played out. Another experiment in assimilating the experience of Cubism and bringing objects to the brink of understanding the plot.

Magpie video

Magpie - video

Participation in the exhibition.

The painting was exhibited at the Sipplingen Bahnhof am Bodensee in 2012.

video The Beauty of Everyday Things

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