The Last Tree | oil on canvas
The Last Tree | oil on canvas Anatoli Gostev

The Last Tree

Painting size: 105 х 120 cm
Painting technique: oil on canvas

Art painting - "The Last Tree"

More than a quarter of a century ago, in a fierce winter, I was driving home. On the sides stretched a dense forest with snow-covered trees, frozen in a solid, icy massif. The car drove to the edge of the forest and suddenly the headlights illuminated a lunar, surreal wasteland with a lonely tree, as if drowning in the meaninglessness of loneliness and freezing emptiness. I asked the driver to stop and walked up to the Tree through the crisp snow.

You see, the trees in the forest were together, as if supporting each other in this chilling struggle. The Tree in the wasteland survived, as if thanks to some kind of inner superpower, so incomprehensible that words cannot be expressed in any way. I had to start painting a picture. The picture, the Tree on which, for many years, makes me myself amazed at His power and succumb to the temptation to change the details of the picture.

Somewhere far away, on a vacant lot, on the outskirts of the forest, every winter, alone, my beloved Tree grows old. I go to the workshop, mix whitewash with ultramarine and make a smear with a palette knife. I know for sure that not a trace will remain of the surrounding forest, but this Tree will live Forever..

The painting "The Last Tree" was painted in the period 2000 - 2021.

In 2021 The painting "The Last Tree" participated in the exhibition ART Climate Change | 13.09 - 8.10.2021 Novum Investments in Switzerland, Basel.

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