Последний корабль | холст, масло
Последний корабль | холст, масло Анатолий Гостев

The Last Ship

Size: 40 x 50 cm
Painting Technique: canvas, oil

Painting "The Last Ship"

The final work. The last ship as a continuation of the premonition of the end.

Six months before painting:

In a month, I will turn 75, and on the side wall of the barn, I wrote this message... This is my message to family and friends. Three little birds of hope watch over my ship, but the mast of the ship is already broken, and on the torn sail, there is a GREAT poem by Marina Tsvetaeva (in my English interpretation).

Oh, how many of them fell into this abyss, spread out in the distance!
The day will come when I will disappear from the surface of the earth.
Everything that sang and fought, shone and was torn.
And the color of my eyes, and my voice, and gray hair.
And there will be life with its daily bread, with the forgetfulness of the day.
And everything will be, as if under the sky and I was not.
To all of you that strangers and mine
- 30.07.2021

ship mast

To all of you, strangers and mine

The painting is not for sale

The painting "The Last Ship" was created in 2021 and is not for sale. To view other paintings and their detailed images, participate in exhibitions, as well as for purchase conditions, please visit High Investment Fine Art Agency

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