Green Night | Canvas, Oil
Green Night | Canvas, Oil Anatoli Gostev

Green Night

Creation date: 2014 - 2021
Size: 70 x 57 cm
Painting technique: canvas, oil

Painting Theme

The theme of the painting was inspired by childhood reflections on the poor abandoned neighborhood on the outskirts of the city with a single streetlight and a column where residents came for water during the day. At night, the neighborhood was immersed in a green, velvet stillness inspired by the nearby river in bloom.


At night, it seemed like time stood still there. And in winter, the water from the column froze on the ground. We skated on the ice, and the grandmothers with buckets on it fell. We laughed...

Green Night

Green Night - video

Completion of Work on the Painting

At the twenty-first second of the video from the workshop, you can see the state of the painting in 2015.

video The Beauty of Everyday Things

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