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Contemplation and inspiration


A painting is an artist's showcase, everyone can see the showcase, and you can walk past the showcase, but if suddenly you want to, you can stop and go inside. Inside is the artist's soul, and you will be able to understand his appeal to you.

Emotional Act

Contemplation of a work of art is an emotional act. Stop and try to breathe in the work of art. The internal response, like a tuning fork, accurately identifies the art object according to the "own-foreign" system. An artwork can become an addition to your world only when you feel emotionally connected to it.

Next, try to understand and analyze the feelings that the "breath" of the artwork has evoked in you. Check your feelings and reflections several times, for example, by writing them down on paper. If you find the word "beauty" there - you can start analyzing a possible future investment.

Inspiration from Painting

Art always has an instinctive character. Everything begins with inspiration. Inspiration for creating a work of art can be considered an attempt to comprehend emotion towards an object or theme. Fictional or real. Filtered through the prism of emotions, the theme takes shape on the canvas into something tangible, speaking to the viewer in a universal language of feelings.

Seeing or imagining a plot and capturing it - the simplest and most superficial path. There is another way. Analyze what you have seen before, what has stuck and remained in your memory. Then determine - what is all this for and will it be interesting to others.

And finally - the MAIN thing - can you live with it. When I start a painting, I don't know when I'll finish it: in a month, in a year - perhaps never... You have to be able to endure the painting... And then painting begins and then a brushstroke, one you can't catch right away, causes so much agony that you lose your head. And you work, striving for a result for weeks and months...

Painting - the Most Beautiful Deception

"Painting is the most beautiful deception," asserted Kees van Dongen. "If there were only one truth, I could not create a hundred paintings on the same theme," echoed Picasso.

Painting can be compared to jazz. A musician takes a simple melody and improvises on it, adding new notes and nuances, and if it is done well, we are ready to listen to his interpretation endlessly, finding new notes every time. Painting is jazz.

Good jazz is based on a small number of melodies (in painting these melodies are landscape, still life, portrait, and the life surrounding us). Jazz is so extraordinarily beautiful because it allows freely forming a simple melody into something new and thus conveying the entire spectrum of human feelings, just like a painting.

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