Pancake Seller | Canvas, Oil
Pancake Seller | Canvas, Oil Anatoli Gostev

Pancake Seller

Creation date 2001 - 2020.
Size: 50 x 60 cm
Painting technique: canvas, oil

Theme of the painting.

The theme reflects on the contrast between winter and the hot pancakes sold by a woman in the cold. The objects in the painting have a clear significance. It feels like only the hot pancakes from the caring seller can save from the severe cold.


A creative, experimental canvas in the assimilation of cubism experience and playing with color.

Pancake Seller art video

Pancake Seller - video

Working on the painting.

At the 1:11 minute mark of the video from the studio, you can see the state of the painting in 2015.

video The Beauty of Everyday Things

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