River Bend | Canvas, Oil
River Bend | Canvas, Oil Anatoli Gostev

River Bend

Year of creation of the painting: 2014.
Size: 50 x 60 cm.
Painting technique: canvas, oil.

Landscape theme.

Attempting to grasp the experience of Fauvism and echo the reflections of the great master - André Derain. I was just fantasizing, observing how it... So I painted for myself, to learn how to do it. When I wake up and start to open my eyes, I see a beautiful spot that immediately sets my day off to a pleasant start. Derain would have liked it.

River Bend. video

River Bend - video


The sole original of the painting "River Bend" by Anatoli Gostev is privately owned. The artist's copyright applies to the eternal right of authorship of a unique work of art.

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