Lake | oil on canvas
Lake | oil on canvas Anatoli Gostev


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Date of creation 2013
Dimensions: 81 x 97 cm
Painting technique: Canvas, oil

Landscape Theme.

The theme of the painting is the Starnberg Lake, in the foothills of the Alps. The feeling from the painting is as if the landscape is alive and events in it are not standing still. The energy of movement in the painting is like paradise, where any forms and colors are possible.

Lake video

Lake - video

Author's Signature

The painting is signed on the back - "See" ("Lake" in German) with the date 2013, size 81x97 and the artist's stamp.

At the 1:03 minute mark of the video from the studio, a fragment of the painting from 2015 is visible. The painting was completed at each stage.

video The Beauty of Everyday Things

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