Still Life with Fruits | oil on canvas
Still Life with Fruits | oil on canvas Anatoli Gostev

Still Life with Fruits

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Painting size: 81 x 90 cm
Painting technique: oil on canvas

Understanding the experience of the founders of cubism

The desire to comprehend the experience of the founders of Cubism (Juan Gris, Braque and partly Picasso) as a denial of pictorial freedom and excessive literaryism in the space of the canvas led to a combination of various objects collected in one composition. It was a desire to enter the world of simple things and an attempt to move away from the images of socialist realism hammered into the head, an attempt to return to basic geometric forms. Thanks to this play with the form, objects acquire a new emotional meaning, going back to the origins of the art of ancient civilizations.

The idea of replacing reality

The idea of ​​"replacing reality" developed by the masters assumes that the real object is the painting itself, and the artist's task is to organize, construct a painting regardless of the object of the image, which can be distorted and rethought beyond recognition. “It is not the painting that should correspond to the subject, but the subject should correspond to the painting,” said Juan Gris.

The charm and clarity of the picture

The most difficult task in this case is always that the picture, with all the abstractness of the objects collected in it, does not lose its charm and bring clarity to the mental structure of the viewer.

Still Life with Fruits. video

Still Life with Fruits - video

The painting "Still Life with Fruit" represents a modern vision of things through the prism of cubism, maintaining a strong balance on the border of understanding forms.

The Art painting - "Still Life with Fruits" was painted in 2012. In 2021 participated in the exhibition ART Climate Change | 13.09 - 8.10.2021 Novum Investments in Switzerland, Basel.

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