Still Life by Freud | Aquarell, Pastel
Still Life by Freud | Aquarell, Pastel Anatoli Gostev

Still Life by Freud

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Painting size: 30 х 30 cm
Painting technique: Aquarell, Pastel

Art painting "Still Life by Freud"

The painting is a sexual subtext of visual associations. The unsteady balance of the composition of non-equilibrium, asymmetric, bizarre objects. The feeling that all the geometry of the background will collapse, go down the tablecloth, you just have to touch it. And only the solid phallic symbol of the foreground of the picture will calmly remain in the frozen loneliness to wait and be bored.

Art painting, Aquarell with a Pastel "Still Life by Freud" was created in 2009

Still Life by Freud

Still Life by Freud - video

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