Pitcher with Sunflowers | canvas, oil
Pitcher with Sunflowers | canvas, oil Anatoli Gostev

Pitcher with Sunflowers

Creation Date: 2014
Size: 40 x 50 cm
Painting Technique: canvas, oil

Theme of the Painting.

It's all a play with form and color, aiming to convey a sensation that can be both felt and understood.


A still life is a wonderful exercise in building composition and contemplating form. Look at how many shades there are of seemingly one color. The mastery of painting lies not in the number of colors, but in their proper combination.

Pitcher with Sunflowers video

Pitcher with Sunflowers - video

Work on the Painting.

The still life "Watering Can with Sunflowers" straightforwardly represents the geometry of ordinary objects in a cubist style. The narrow color palette focuses the viewer on the still life.

Detailed Information about the Painting.

Detailed images, the painting's participation in exhibitions, and the purchase conditions for the painting "Watering Can with Sunflowers" can be found at the Art Investment Agency

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