Logs in the forest | canvas, oil
Logs in the forest | canvas, oil Anatoli Gostev

Logs in the forest

Creation Date: 2019
Size: 50 x 50 cm
Painting Technique: canvas, oil

Theme of the Painting.

A coloristic experiment in laying logs.


Cut and stacked trees in a winter forest imply warmth and, at the same time, the forest's doom. Cover the logs with your hand, and you will see the pristine forest; cover the forest, and you will see industrialization.

Work on the Painting.

The painting shows work with the background - the forest. The direction and arrangement of the logs were changed several times in search of artistic composition.

video - Painting Logs in the Forest

Detailed Information about the Painting.

Detailed images, the painting's participation in exhibitions, and the purchase conditions for the painting "Logs in the Forest" can be found at the Art Investment Agency

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