Anatoli Gostev

Anatoli Gostev

Born in 1946, Brest, Belarus.
The painter received his training in the Art College and in the Musical College. At the beginning of his art career he created monumental works - mosaics, frescoes, scratchwork, gobelins as well as oil paintings. Since 1994 he has been engaged in painting alone.
Exhibitions: Russia, Germany, Poland, Belarus. Individual exhibitions: Germany, Poland. His works are in the State Museum, in private collections in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, USA, Poland, Switzerland.
Since 2002 his painting are being exhibited in K-Galerie im Maxforum in Munchen, Germany. Since 1997 has been living in Europe.


Sleeping Barges

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Art painting - "Sleeping Barges"

The painting "Sleeping Barges" was done in 2012
Size: 50 х 60 cm
Art technique: Oil paint.

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Art Exhibitions

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Since 1999 I have lived in Europe and in my life of the artist I follow a certain system of values. It protects me from temptations and disappointments. Participating in group exhibitions, working with art galleries, making individual exhibitions or selling paintings through the Internet I am not looking for immediate sensations and benefits from my creative work. If all the gallery owners will say that my paintings are not worth attention, I will accept it calmly, continuing to do what I have been doing. - Anatoli Gostev-Pawlowski


Artistic Experience

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Anatoli Gostev - half a century with a brush in my hand.

Already more than half a century the brush in my hand touching the canvas or paper reflects upon the world that I create.


Tolya's corner

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Tolya's corner - the memory of my workshop, of the search for expressiveness and beauty of everyday things.

At my first exhibition in Germany, I showed a few dozen of paintings, they all came out of this, my first workshop, and it was the first attempt to remove the literature from the painting. After the vernissage Gisela Schröder, my first gallery owner said, "TOLYA, addressing the audience you are not just showing them your paintings, you must address them to express your own thoughts"

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