Blue Coffee Pot | canvas, oil
Blue Coffee Pot | canvas, oil Anatoli Gostev

Blue Coffee Pot

Creation date: 2007
Size: 48 x 39 cm
Painting technique: oil on canvas

Theme of the Painting.

The painting is a still life, centered around everyday household items: a coffee pot, a cup with a saucer, a dish with fruits, and a chair. All these objects are arranged on a round table, which occupies the central position in the composition. The composition of the painting is structured in such a way that it draws the viewer's attention to the center, where the main objects are located, and then allows the gaze to glide over the entire surface of the image.


The coffee pot and cup symbolize domestic coziness and everyday life, while the lemons represent the brightness and freshness of life. The still life combines elements of realism and cubism, making it captivating. The everyday objects create a layered work that invites the viewer to contemplate the simplicity and complexity of the surrounding world.

Work on the Painting.

The work is done in the technique of oil painting on canvas. Characteristic brushstrokes and textures create a rich surface, giving the painting volume and vibrancy. The technique is reminiscent of cubism, which can be seen in the geometric shapes and angular lines of the objects.

Detailed Information about the Painting.

You can view detailed images, the painting's participation in exhibitions, and the terms of purchase for the still life "Blue Coffee Pot" at the FABER VISUM Art Investment Agency

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