Night Violinist
Night Violinist Anatoli Gostev

Night Violinist


Painting size: 150 х 132 cm
Painting technique: oil on canvas.

Art painting - "Night Violinist"

The painting "Night Violinist" was done in 2013

Sleeping houses and fences - plain and timeless buildings, covered with night snow, and no one more, only the moon glides over the horizon.

Listening the violinist playing his violin Chagall could comprehend what he was thinking about. What is the difference, good or bad he plays!
One can just touch the violin with the violin bow and listen to what has not been played. The violinist is playing ... I am smiling, touching his violin with my brush, prodding his hat or his nose with my palette knife.
The violinist is playing...
The moon stopped in the night sky, and the coolness of the night pours into my half opened mouth.

"Night Violinist" was sold

The picture was sold to a private collection in 2017

Equality between thoughts and paintings - video

Equality between thoughts and paintings

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