Tolya's corner

Tolya's corner - the memory of my workshop, of the search for expressiveness and beauty of everyday things.

At my first exhibition in Germany, I showed a few dozen of paintings, they all came out of this, my first workshop, and it was the first attempt to remove the literature from the painting. After the vernissage Gisela Schröder, my first gallery owner said, "TOLYA, addressing the audience you are not just showing them your paintings, you must address them to express your own thoughts"

Today I feel a connection of my recent works with those first search, but today I do not think the way, I thought before. Today expressiveness for me is not a passion, manifested in the movement, it is in the structure of the painting, where all parts of the picture are equally valuable, its composition and the combination of color surfaces, and the place occupied by objects and by periods-breaks. As in the musical harmony where every note is a piece of the whole.

A few years ago Gisela Schröder once said: "Tolya, you had a corner in your studio, where you made coffee, I still remember it... so many years."

The Art Painting "Tolya's corner" was done in 2011
Size: 60 х 60 cm
Technique: Oil paint

You can buy this painting on the Art Agency FABERVISUM.ART website.

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