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Painting size: 90 х 80 cm
Painting technique: oil on canvas

Art painting - "Park"

The painting "Park" was done in 2007

The fate of the painting "Park"

The painting "Park" has not been sold! Since 2004 I exhibited my works in K-Galerie im Maxforum in Munich, Germany. The owner Olaf Uchtmann, Galerist Klaus Uchtmann. In February 2010 the K-Galerie was closed. 16 my pictures disappeared (or were stolen or lost) The family Schratzlseer found 4 pictures and sent them to me. But the fate of 12 my pictures is up till now unknown. Among them is the "Park".

If you have anywhere, any time seen the missing pictures please let me know on the e-mail address.

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