Art Exhibitions

Since 1999 I have lived in Europe and in my life of the artist I follow a certain system of values. It protects me from temptations and disappointments. Participating in group exhibitions, working with art galleries, making individual exhibitions or selling paintings through the Internet I am not looking for immediate sensations and benefits from my creative work. If all the gallery owners will say that my paintings are not worth attention, I will accept it calmly, continuing to do what I have been doing. - Anatoli Gostev-Pawlowski

1973 - 1996 participant of all regional and republican and zonal All-Union exhibitions.
1993 - 2001 contract (Galerie Gunzoburg 88662 Überlingen).
1995 personal exhibition with Swiss ceramics (Zwissler Max) - (Galerie Gunzoburg)
1998 solo exhibition (Galerie Gunzoburg)
1999 personal exhibition - (Dom Pracy Twórczej Ministerstwa Kultury I Dziedzictwa Narodowego. Palac Radziejowice).
1999 personal exhibition (Atelier Buckenmaier 88662 Überlingen).
2001 - 2002 contract with the Swiss (Galerie Wesner Abendbergweg 9, Konstanz).
2002 personal exhibition - (K-Galerie im Maxforum, Thomas - Wimmer - Ring 11, München).
2002 - 2011 contract with K-Galerie im Maxforum and participation in all exhibitions of the gallery as a permanent artist.
2021 - Participation in the exhibition ART Climate Change exhibition | 13.09 - 8.10.2021 Novum Investments in Switzerland, Basel.

Art Exhibitions: Russia, Germany, Poland, Belarus. Individual exhibitions: Germany, Poland. His works are in the State Museum, in private collections in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, USA, Poland, Switzerland.

Since 2002 to 2011 the paintings were exhibited in K-Galerie im Maxforum in Munchen, Germany.

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