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Since 1997 I have lived in Europe and in my life of the artist I follow a certain system of values. It protects me from temptations and disappointments. Participating in group exhibitions, working with art galleries, making individual exhibitions or selling paintings through the Internet I am not looking for immediate sensations and benefits from my creative work. If all the gallery owners will say that my paintings are not worth attention, I will accept it calmly, continuing to do what I have been doing. - Anatoli Gostev

  • 1973 - 1996 participant of all regional and republican and zonal All-Union exhibitions.
  • 1993 - 2001 contract (Galerie Gunzoburg 88662 Überlingen).
  • 1995 personal exhibition with Swiss ceramics (Zwissler Max) - (Galerie Gunzoburg)
  • 1998 solo exhibition (Galerie Gunzoburg)
  • 1999 personal exhibition - (Dom Pracy Twórczej Ministerstwa Kultury I Dziedzictwa Narodowego. Palac Radziejowice).
  • 1999 personal exhibition (Atelier Buckenmaier 88662 Überlingen).
  • 2001 - 2002 contract with the Swiss (Galerie Wesner Abendbergweg 9, Konstanz).
  • 2002 personal exhibition - (K-Galerie im Maxforum, Thomas - Wimmer - Ring 11, München).
  • 2002 - 2011 contract with K-Galerie im Maxforum and participation in all exhibitions of the gallery as a permanent artist.
  • 2012 an agreement with the High Investment Art Agency FABER VISUM as a permanent representative of the artist.
  • 2020 permanent exhibition on the ENTAXY - Top Expensive Artworks.
  • 2021 - participation in the exhibition ART Climate Change exhibition. Special guest | Novum Investments in Switzerland, Basel.

The Exhibition - ART Basel Climate Change

The Exhibition - ART Basel Climate Change

Art Exhibitions: Russia, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Switzerland. Individual exhibitions: Germany, Poland.

Anatoli Gostev's works are in the State Museum, in private collections in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, USA, Poland, Switzerland.

The artist Anatoli Gostev left this world on January 15, 2022, leaving beauty and a blessed memory behind him.

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