Angel and Cat | Aquarell, Pastel
Angel and Cat | Aquarell, Pastel Anatoli Gostev

Angel and Cat

Painting size: 30 х 30 cm
Painting technique: Aquarell, Pastel

Painting "Angel and cat"

Today is Catholic Easter, I'm not interested, because I'm Orthodoxy, but ... A year and a half ago, my Siberian Cat Murcellino died. For 17 years he lay on the windowsill of my studio, listening to classical music and talking to me about art. Until the last second I was with him. He is buried under a linden tree in front of my terrace, and for a year and a half, every day, I go out and talk to him. For a year and a half, I can not come to terms with this loss. Yesterday I took the painting I had begun, which I had not been able to touch for two years. Having finished work, I fell asleep and Murcellino came to me for the whole night. And in the morning, swallowing valerian and shedding tears, I wrote this ...

An angel descended from heaven and, introducing himself,
Murcellino the cat asked:
«How is it in the heaven? There is an eternal summer?
And it's cold in Siemiechow, have you caught a cold?,,
Won't you freeze barefoot and dressed in a simple shirt? .
Sit here with me, I'll warm you up,
I'm in fur. I feel warm. For me, you are not superfluous.
And then, when the wings are warm, hugging me,
You will merge with me and you will fly to heaven with me ... »
And two creatures sat under the canopy of the sky,
Bright Angel and Cat - two creations of God,
Two souls whose warmth flowed into words
To a person who is cold too.
- Siemiechow 4.04.2021

Murcellino cat

Murcellino - devotion

The painting is not for sale

Watercolor, pastel "Angel and cat" was painted in 2021 and is not for sale. You can view other paintings and their detailed images, participation in exhibitions and purchase conditions at the High Investment Fine Art Agency

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